Highlights from Tenth Democratic Debate!!

Tenth Democratic debate to elect the Democratic nominee took place in Gaillard Center at Charleston, South Carolina. The debate was hosted by CBS News and the Congressional Black Caucus Institute, with Twitter acting as the debate partner. Bernie Sanders had a sudden spike in the last two debates. With just one more debate scheduled, Joe Biden, along with other Democratic nominees, are working hard to pull back the majority in the debate and as well as the polls. Sanders, Steyer, Buttigieg, Biden, Warren, Klobuchar, Bloomberg were the candidates who qualified for the tenth Democratic debate. The debate saw a lot of shouting from the Democrats in such a way that sometimes the voice was unclear from the candidates.

Here are the highlights from the tenth Democratic debate:

1. The average airtime for each candidate was around minutes, with Bernie Sanders topping the list with 15.28 minutes and Steyer at the bottom with just 7 minutes.

2. The debate started with the candidates attacking Senator Bernie Sanders instead of billionaire and former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who was attacked heavily during the last Dem debate.

3. Bloomberg brought in the issue of Russia backing Sanders as per the latest reports. Elizabeth Warren claimed she would be a better president than Sanders. Billionaire Tom Steyer stated that Sander’s analysis might be right, but he doesn’t like his solutions. The first 15 minutes of the debate was full of Senator Bernie Sanders.

4. With almost everyone attacking him, Sanders joked, saying - “I’m hearing my name mentioned a little bit tonight.”

5. Warren again targeted billionaire Mike Bloomberg on his employment record. She alleged that Bloomberg once told one of his employees to have an abortion.

6. Bloomberg denied the allegation from Warren saying “never said that”

7. All the candidates hit Trump on coronavirus. Starting with Bloomberg, who said - “If you have good health, you can do many things. You read about coronavirus, and President Trump fired the pandemic specialist from the USA two years ago.

8. Former Vice President Joe Biden hits out Bernie Sanders for his record on gun control.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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