Hillary Clinton Endorses Joe Biden: ‘I Wish He Were President Right Now’.!!

Former First lady and the 2016 Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton announced her support Joe Biden on Tuesday. Biden and Clinton are excellent friends from a long time, and they served as the Vice President and Secretary of State in Obama’s administration respectively. The announcement was made in an online town hall event designed to explain the issues of women during the coronavirus emergency. The endorsement also came at a crucial moment as the former Vice President is looking to enhance his campaign to woo female voters and other such demographic groups. So who can be the better option to win the endorsement other than Hillary Clinton who was the first and only female to win the Presidential nomination in the history of American politics?

Clinton lost the 2008 Democratic presidential race to Barack Obama who later served as the President for two terms. Then in 2016, Clinton won the Democratic presidential race but lost to Donald Trump, despite winning the popular vote. Speaking in the event, Clin said - “I’m thrilled to be part of Biden’s campaign. I will not only be endorsing him but will help him to highlight a lot of the issues that are at stake in this presidential election.” In the 2016 elections, women favoured Clinton compared to that of Trump. In similar lines, Biden and his team would be hoping that Clinton’s support will help them immensely. As soon as the endorsement announcement, Clinton attacked Trump, “I want to add my voice to the many politicians and administrators who have endorsed Biden to be our next President. Just think the amount of difference it would make in times like the coronavirus crisis. We need a president who believes in science, put facts over fiction and capable of demonstrating compassion, Biden has been exemplifying this all his career. Think about the difference it would make if we had a real president, not just the one who played on TV.”

With Hillary’s endorsement, now it’s left to only two high-profile Democrats to support Biden. One is former President Bill Clinton and the other is the former first lady Michelle Obama. Responding to Hillary’s endorsement, Biden posted a message for her from his official Twitter account. He tweeted, “I’ve known @HillaryClinton for years, and know that her dedication and passion for bettering our country are second to none. I’m grateful for her endorsement and her friendship — and look forward to working alongside her to get Donald Trump out of the White House.”

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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