Historic Trump impeachment trial is underway in Senate!!

President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial opened in the US Senate on Thursday. Trump was voted for impeachment in the House of Representatives last month. Now the process will move to the Senate where the final impeachment takes place based on the voting. Lawmakers of the Senate took a solemn oath to be unbiased in deciding the fate of Donald Trump, who is serving as the 45th US President. The Senate chamber was transformed into a court of impeachment, and Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts administered the oath of senators. This marks only the third time in the history of American politics to have the impeachment trial in the Senate.

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Robers started the process by asking, “will you all swore to deliver impartial justice,” according to the US Constitution? All the 99 lawmakers who were present (1 absent) replied in unison, with right hands raised: “I do.” Donald Trump was impeached on two charges, the first one being the Abuse of Power and the second, Obstructing the Congress. Trump has been ridiculing the impeachment process right from the beginning. A few days before Senate took up the issue, Trump said: “Senate should simply dismiss the impeachment case against me.” Later on Thursday, after beginning the process of impeachment in the Senate, he responded by calling it a “hoax.” “I think it should go very quickly,” he further told the reporters in Oval Office.

A Trump administration official informed reported that the trial is expected to last not more than two meeks. Presently, Republicans dominate the Senate, so it would be interesting to see if a few of them jump the ships and vote against Donald Trump. If Trump gets voted out, then it would be the first time in the history of the United States to impeach an incumbent President and remove him from the office.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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