It's going to be a very steep road to defeat Biden_ Sanders.

It’s an uphill task for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders as former Vice President has won the last few primaries with a significant margin. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the latest three states were won by Joe Biden. On Thursday, Bernie Sanders acknowledged that it’s going to be a difficult task ahead to defeat Joe Biden in the race to the 2020 Democratic primary. Bernie’s remarks were during an interview with NPR that aired on Friday, where he discussed the challenges in frank terms.

When asked whether he would still continue his race to the White House against Biden, Bernie said - “Our team is assessing the present situation we are in. It’s changing every day because elections are delayed due to coronavirus pandemic. We don’t hold rallies in the lockdown. We don’t do door-to-door campaigning, which hundreds of thousands of volunteers had been doing. We are focussing on doing a virtual campaign. But right now, we are focusing on the health care and economic crisis facing the country, and our last priority would be politics.”

This statement from Bernie comes after another round of losses to Biden in several state primaries. So, the speculations that Sanders would concede the nomination to Joe Biden were very high. However, Sanders went ahead with his campaign as states have postponed primary voting, and staffers began working from home in response as the coronavirus broke out. Vermont senator also confirmed that he would participate in the Democratic debate next month if the committee is ready to organize one.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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