Biden campaign launches a new initiative to attract Hindus in the country!!

With over two million members, the Hindu community is one of the considerable chunks of people who have shifted their base from India to the United States. To woo the Hindus, by addressing their issues, Biden and his team have announced the launch of a new initiative, "Hindu Americans for Biden." As a part of the program, Biden's campaign would listen to all their problems, including the increasing hate crimes off late in the US. The first meeting of 'Hindus for Biden' will be delivered by Indian-American Congressman from Illinois, Raja Krishnamoorthi, on Thursday. President Donald Trump also launched a similar program called 'Hindu Voices for Trump.

With both major parties launching a program to attract Hindus of the United States, this is perhaps the first time in the history of the US presidential elections that both parties tried to make an outreach coalition for the Hindus. Additionally, Kamala Harris is an added advantage for Biden's campaign, as she hails as an Indo-American black vice presidential nominee from the Democratic party. The dedicated program from both parties is an indirect sign of the increasing political prominence of Hindus in the United States. Hinduism represents approximately one percent of the US population as of 2016, and it is the fourth-largest religion followed in the country. There have been coalitions officially for Jews & Muslims in the past, but this is the first one for Hindus.

Murali Balaji, the co-chair of the 'Hindu Americans for Biden' initiative, said - "The diversity of the Hindu American community and their work towards the nation can't be understated. That's the reason we decided to address their concerns directly through events like this. Additionally, we would like to highlight Biden's commitment towards the Hindu American community, one of the most loyal and trustworthy bonds with the Democratic party." Congressman Krishnamoorthi's address will have a focused policy discussion on how the hate crimes against Hindus can be reduced, which hit the all-time high under President Donald Trump's regime.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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