Biden's suggestions for the execution of Corona virus relief funds!!

To deal with the coronavirus pandemic and struggling economy, President Donald Trump announced a $2.2 Trillion relief package. A couple of days after the announcement, the Senate passed the emergency relief package as the coronavirus pandemic devastated the economy. The package is the biggest rescue deal ever in US history. Although the Senate passed the package, there was no clear plan laid out by the President for its effective execution. Former Vice President Joe Biden feels that the funds need to be used effectively to reach those who suffered from the pandemic. Biden suggested some of the key points to execute the plan successfully and make it work for the best of Americans.

Here are the three suggestions from Joe Biden if he was the President:

1) Use all the authorities to turn the tide on this epidemic :

Speaking from his house in Delaware, Biden explained - “During the few days, there’s been talk about choosing between our economy and public health. That’s a false choice and a dangerous choice to make. It would be disastrous to reopen everything without a proper plan. It would only lead to a rise in positive cases, and eventually, we will have to shut them back down. To reopen the businesses, public health experts say we need first to flatten the curve, implement widespread testing, ability to spike up additional ventilators and protective gear. This is the only and the quickest way of saving lives and bringing the economy back on track.”

2) To appoint a stimulus task force :

“The task force should report directly to the President to make sure that every single dollar going out from the funding reaches the people who are in need. As the Vice President, I led the implementation of the Recovery Act in the last crisis. With my experience, I know that it is all about priorities. My first priority is to keep every worker on the payroll. Second, to make everyone financially strong. Third, to help small businesses to run their business throughout the crisis. Time is very critical in this kind of situation. I’d call all the major banks and inform them to get the small business loans out the door. If they don’t make small business a priority, I’d seek authority similar to the Defense Production Act and make sure they do that. For large corporations, I’d ask CEOs to make hard commitments such as putting the aid towards their workers.” told Biden.

3) To build the next deal with the help of all the Congress members:

Biden further adds - “My next deal would be to provide student loans of at least 10,000 dollars per person. I’d propose to increase social security and work for full paid sick leaves.”

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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