Biden offers his plan to deal coronavirus!!

The coronavirus cases in the United States have crossed over 3000 as of now. However, there hasn’t been any concrete plan from Trump’s administration to deal with the pandemic. On the other hand, former Vice President Joe Biden released a swift and urgent action plan to deal with the coronavirus outbreak on Thursday. Speaking in a video, Biden expressed disapproval with the Trump administration’s approach to steer the nation through a crisis as the President of the country.

As a part of preventive measures, President Trump announced a shutdown of foreign travel from almost all the European countries. After the announcement, the former Vice President offered his comprehensive roadmap plan for stemming the virus, emphasizing the need for solidarity and stopping the spread of the virus with the help of science. Biden said - “We will never fully solve this problem if we are unwilling to look beyond our own borders and engage fully with the rest of the world. We have to confront the coronavirus everywhere.” Here are some of the crucial points from Biden’s plan to combat coronavirus.

1. A significant public health response that will ensure free testing and full availability of resources, eliminating all cost barriers.

2. Development of vaccines with full deployment of operational supplies, personnel, and facilities.

3. Emergency paid leave for all those affected by the outbreak and necessary help for the workers and the families that are hit by the crisis.

4. Restore trust, credibility, and common purpose.

5. Developing an effective national emergency response that will help in saving lives, protecting frontline workers, and minimizes the spread of COVID -19.

6. Eliminating all the cost barriers in the prevention and care for COVID -19.

7. To stabilize the American economy, which is hit by the pandemic.

8. Be the leader in the world to confront the crisis while building a foundation stone for the future.

9. Develop a global health security workforce for the 21st century.

10. Create state and local emergency funds.


Dr. Dhillon Randeep


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