Biden continues the campaign trail with Trump confined to isolation!!

Soon after President Donald Trump tested positive for coronavirus, news spread rapidly within Biden's campaign, informing the team to be completely offline and in hibernation mode. The campaign team termed it as an approach to allow the news cycle to bury on its own fuel. As per the advisers of Biden's campaign, people of America would come to their own conclusion regarding the president's failure to safeguard the nation in critical times. Americans would also understand how irresponsibly Trump handled the pandemic right from suggesting to open up the economy to mocking Biden for wearing a mask compulsory when in public. With Trump testing positive for coronavirus, even his supporters will have to rethink his work to help Americans during the pandemic, which could potentially cost his reelection bid.

The bottom line is that with just 30 days left for Election Day, the Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is back on the campaign trail, whereas Trump and the First Lady are in quarantine. "Biden has been right all along, there's no joy in being right, and no one wants others to get ill. But it is due to Trump's negligence that four weeks before the election, he has taken himself off the playing field. Karma's hell," said Dick Harpootlian, a South Carolina lawmaker and one of the Biden donors. As Biden begins his campaign after testing negative for the virus, his adviser Anita Dunn said - "There is no reason not to show the country that we can mind our own business provided we follow all safety precautions like wearing masks and following social distancing. The former vice president has been advising the same thing since March." Biden's campaign also ensured that none from the team speaks ill about Trump personally while he gets treated at the hospital.

Out of respect and keeping the rivalry strictly to politics, the campaign team also announced that they are taking down negative ads meant to attack Trump. "Biden doesn't need to say anything about Trump's struggles to handle the coronavirus situation as he himself has been hospitalized due to the virus. It's presently harder for Trump to make a justification as he tried to pretend there is no harm due to the virus," another Biden adviser acknowledged. Although Biden's campaign decided to stop the negative ads, Trump's team said they would not reciprocate and pause Biden's advertisements.

Dr.Dhillon Randeep

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