Biden smashes fundraising records by raising nearly $10 million on the debate night!!

The first presidential debate between President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden may not have helped Trump, but it was a sure-shot victory for Biden. The former vice president raked up nearly $10 million during the first presidential debate on Tuesday night in Cleveland. Although a limited number of people were present during the debate, that didn't stop his campaign to raise funds. Within an hour into the debate, Biden's campaign raised a whopping amount of $3.8 million from 10 pm to 11 pm, smashing all the previous records held for single-hour fundraising. It is the donations from small-dollar donors who continue to keep Biden's cash advantage against President Trump.

From 9 pm till midnight, Biden's campaign amassed nearly $10 million from 215,000 donors, with over 60,000 new donors to the campaign, as per an official from Biden's campaign. Additionally, another 10,000 people signed up to volunteer for Biden's campaign till Election Day. The fundraising by Biden is crucial as he raised more money and spent more than Trump in August. Biden outspent Trump in cash by $141 million as per the Federal Elections Commissions filings released earlier. Biden raised an unmatchable $365 million in August compared to $211 million by Trump. That's an additional $154 million than Trump, who has always maintained a cash advantage from the start of the campaign. Both the campaigns are yet to release their fundraising details for September.

Compared to last spring, when the actual campaigns started for the 2020 elections, both Trump and Biden's fortunes are currently reversed. At that time, Trump had a huge cash advantage over Biden, who struggled to raise funds while working hard to win the Democratic nomination. However, this fall, Biden's cash advantage helped him spend significantly higher than his competitor, especially in TV advertising. Biden spent thrice that of Trump on TV advertising in August, according to Advertising Analytics. The pattern continues to be the same, even in September. While breaking the fundraising records for his campaign, Biden is also making sure to break digital fundraising platforms' records. ActBlue, a digital platform for fundraising, has broken several records in the past few months, including the highest $6.3 million raised in an hour.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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