Trump will try his luck to delay the Presidential elections_ Joe Biden!!

Former Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday predicted that President Trump would try in all the possible ways to postpone or delay the Presidential elections of 2020 in a wile attempt to overcome the obstacle of his reelection. “Mark my words, I think he will try to kick back the general elections somehow, he will come up with some rationale on why it can’t be held presently. Trump will be doing this as he knows that’s the only way he can possibly win,” said Joe Biden, who is the presumptive nominee from the Democratic Party.

Biden previously also criticized the idea of postponing the general election in November, when multiple states delayed primaries after the virus broke out in the country. To conduct the election as per the schedule, Democrats are encouraging the idea of mail-in-voting, which can be done with the social distancing guidelines. However, Republicans in the Senate and the Trump administration are not interested at all. They have argued that the mail-in-voting process will impose federal guidelines that are reserved to the states. On the other hand, Trump was at the receiving end of the fierce criticism on the way how his administration handled the pandemic. Trump’s polls and ratings have gone down even during the crisis, which is a rarity in the history of any President of the United States.

Biden asserted on multiple occasions that the elections took place on time, even during World War II and the Civil War, indicating that the US can still schedule the election amid the pandemic. Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Biden previously said - “President Trump doesn’t have any authority to delay or postpone the election. Though his team might start to bombard Americans saying the election should be postponed.” There’s no immediate response from Trump’s campaign on Biden’s comments as of Thursday night.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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