Biden lashes at Donald Trump in his latest economic speech!!

On Thursday, former Vice President Joe Biden took center stage to lay down the country's economic vision, which is deeply rooted in power and racial inequalities. The speech was full of populist tone, along with constant criticism for President Donald Trump. "President Trump loves to talk and talk, but even after three and a half years of big promises, what do the American citizens have to show for all of the talks?" Biden asked during his speech in Dunmore, Pennsylvania. The Democratic presumptive nominee also claimed that Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic had only worsened the country's economic situation and racial inequalities.

Explaining about his economic plan to offer infrastructure and offshore jobs to the Americans, Biden said - "Trump promised efficient health care and a health care plan but never even offered his own bill. He still continues to try and discard Obamacare in the middle of the worst pandemic in centuries. He failed to provide any jobs." Throughout his speech, Biden was razor sharp to diss the President on most of his policies. "Right from the start of coronavirus in January, Trump has focused only on the stock market. If I'm fortunate enough to be the next President of the United States, I'll ensure complete focus on working families and further help achieve their goals," said the former Vice President pitching his bid to the White House.

The Biden campaign explains that the present plan laid out by Joe Biden will help and create at least five million jobs for Americans in the manufacturing and innovation sectors. To work this out, Biden's administration would invest $400 billion in government procurement and tighten the restrictions on what qualifies as a product made in the United States. Additionally, Biden pledged to spend another $300 billion in research and development over his four years. The funds would be disbursed across the states to diverse sectors of businesses and entrepreneurs, including women and minorities. "Our great country's future should not be based on the racial inequalities," said Biden.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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