Biden raises $81 million funds with the help of his online campaign in May!!

Former Vice President Joe Biden is on a rampage since his win in the South Carolina primary. In the latest announcement by his campaign team, Biden raised $81 million in May which was mostly with the help of his online fundraising campaign. One of the primary reasons for the increase in his funds is his rise in the polls against President Donald Trump. The $80.8 million funds raised by Biden and the Democratic Party committee also tripled the number of online donors when compared to that of in February. A total of 1.5 million new supporters were added in the last few weeks as per the email sent to the supporters on Tuesday.

The new members who took an active part in the fundraising gave credit to the Biden Victory Fund which is a joint venture with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) started in May. Before the Victory fund was established, Biden and the DNC were able to raise $60.5 million in April which is approximately 30 per cent less than the amount earned in May. The email which was sent to the supporters mentions that the fundraising doesn’t contain only the big donors but also small and new donors. People who are actively involved in the education field as their occupation remains as the largest group in the list of donors. When compared with President Donald Trump, Biden has lower cash at hand as he recently ventured out of his home in Delaware. With the lockdown measures and the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, Biden confined himself to his house, which is the reason for the low spending rate of his campaign.

Started as a cash-strapped campaign, Biden’s campaign made significant progress after his lone rival Bernie Sanders decided to quit the presidential race and the support from the former President Barack Obama. Since then it only kept on increasing as Hillary Clinton raised a whopping $2 million for the campaign in a single day where the event didn’t even feature Biden. “I think we can win online by connecting with a large number of people without creating any disturbances. We can win by showing compassion, not cruelty, by building a comprehensive strategy that will help to win the elections,” Biden said.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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