Joe Biden gets support of major Hollywood fundraiser!!

Former Vice President Joe Biden is gearing up to give his best shot in the South Carolina primary. He is very confident of winning the primary. Biden also said - “If you send me out of South Carolina with a victory, there will be no stopping us.” With just hours to go for the South Carolina primary, Joe Biden won the support of major Hollywood fundraiser. James Costos, a former HBO executive and one of the major donors of the Democratic party who worked as an ambassador to Spain during the Obama administration, is teaming up with Joe Biden to give a boost to his campaign.

In the coming days, Costos will be planning a fundraiser and other events for Biden after the official endorsement. Biden, who had a miserable campaign in the past few weeks, was also worried about donors who were in talks about abandoning his campaign. With the new fundraiser, many Biden supporters will now stay with the campaign until Super Tuesday to analyze his performance. In an interview, Costas said - “We really do need a leader who can win the White House back and maintain our majority in both the Senate and the House. I think Joe is the right man to do it in this crunch time.”

Costos is known for organizing most prolific fundraisers who supported former President Barack Obama. With the help of his partner and interior designer Michael Smith, Costos also redecorated the White House for the Obamas. Costos is planning a New York event for Biden in mid-March, which includes fundraising, traveling with the campaign, and speaking on behalf of Biden. “I’ve supported and worked for several candidates who have been on the debate stage. Now, this is my hometown, and I need to go further and support Joe Biden,” said Costos. The two issues that might have boosted Costos to support Biden are his commitment to fighting piracy in the entertainment industry and Biden’s endorsement of gay marriage in 2012.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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