Joe Biden Pledges to Increase funding for Indian Health Services

The coronavirus pandemic has taught many lessons for many countries, including the developed first-nation countries like the United States. Giving importance to health care services, insurance benefits, and necessary funding are some of them. Former vice president, Joe Biden, spoke about Navajo Nation, an American Indian territory that is currently leading the per-capita coronavirus infection rate. In a statement to the Arizona Republic, Joe Biden criticized President Trump for delaying the first installment of the coronavirus stimulus package to the Navajo Nation. Biden accused Trump of diverting the funds to his friends' ventures, saving them from going bankrupt.

"The Navajo Nation is one of the most affected areas of the United States by the coronavirus recording the highest rate of infections so far. Even during the crisis, Donald Trump and his administration failed miserably to uphold the standards of trust and treaty obligations to Native Americans. His administration delayed the financial aid by a month to the tribes and only did after his administration was sued. Trump failed in providing essentials like adequate food, medical supplies, and PPE kits. This is unacceptable," Biden said in his statement. The Treasury Department announced that it would be releasing $4.8 billion of financial support to fight coronavirus to tribes when Trump had a meeting with tribal leaders in Phoenix last month. The financial support is extended to the Navajo Nation as well, where the virus's impact is very high. At the event, Trump said - "This financial aid of $4.8 million is the single largest investment in the history of Indian country. You have been going through a lot of troubles, and you all deserve it." However, the aid was only released after the tribes sued Trump's administration.

Biden pledged to support tribal sovereignty and will take all possible measures in upholding the views and voices of all the Native Americans, once he assumes the office. "As a President of the United States, I'll take all measures possible to support Indian country with meaningful investments. This will include a rise in funding for the Indian Health Services and making that funding mandatory for the better future," Biden posted from his official Twitter handle.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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