I'd lock down the country if virus spread isn't contained_ Joe Biden

After accepting the Democratic party's presidential nomination, former vice president Joe Biden has increased his level of attacks on President Donald Trump. Coronavirus pandemic has indirectly helped the Democratic presidential nominee to make a comeback against his long-time friend Bernie Sanders in the primaries starting with South Carolina. Following, which was an upwards trend for Biden in the remaining primaries and also the national polls against President Donald Trump. In the latest news, Biden claimed he would do "whatever it needs" to fight the spread of coronavirus in the country, even including a complete lockdown if necessary.

In a joint interview with his running mate Senator Kamala Harris, Joe Biden told ABC's David Muir - "I would do whatever it takes to contain the spread and save the lives of Americans. I'd also shut it down and heed to scientists' advice." The recorded show was scheduled to air on Sunday. Biden's statement is opposite to President Trump, who is in a hurry to reopen the economy even at the cost of American lives. Despite spikes in the number of new cases in most states, Trump and his administration fights for no further lockdowns. In his interview with Fox News in June, Trump said - "We won't be closing the country again. We won't have to do that." The coronavirus pandemic was lethal and was responsible for killing more than 175,000 Americans. Keeping the new number of cases and deaths in mind, Biden strongly disagreed with Trump's statements in his first-ever interview after officially becoming the Democratic party's presidential nominee.

Biden further added - "We can't get the country to progress until the virus is under control. That's the fundamental flaw, this administration is thinking about. The only way to keep the country running and moving forward, the economy growing and people employed, the virus needs to be fixed first." Vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris also blasted Trump for his comments "madwoman," "meanest," and "most horrible" senator in Congress. Kamala said - "I think whatever comes out of his mouth is to only distract the American people from what he is doing every day. But his negligence will harm the American people."

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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