Joe Biden Pledges for Free Covid Vaccine if elected!!

The Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden pledged on Friday to begin reaching out to all the state and local leaders in crafting the coronavirus relief bill if elected as the president. He also promised that he would mandate the vaccine to be free for all the Americans as a part of a national strategy to get ahead of coronavirus. As he announced his emergency plan to combat the pandemic, the former vice president also attacked President Donald for the way he handled the virus outbreak. He said that President Donald Trump has already given up fighting the virus and has quit on America.

Since the beginning of the virus outbreak, Joe Biden has made it a point of caution to follow all the scientists' guidelines such as following social distance and wearing facemasks. Once elected, he vowed to focus on healing the damages caused due to the virus and help the struggling Americans with the costs. "Once we have an effective vaccine which can be used safely without any side effects, it has to be free to everyone, no matter if they are insured or not," Biden said in the announcement speech of his pandemic response plan. He further added, "I'll ask the new Congress to put a bill on my desk by the end of January to excel in both our public health and economic response to combat the virus."

While explaining his plan, Biden also attacked President Trump throughout his speech. "As many as 210,000 deaths could have been avoidable, but you've not done anything differently. The United States is 4 percent of the entire world's population, but we make up 20 percent of all the deaths due to coronavirus globally. According to President Donald Trump, if this is a success, then what would a failure look like?" he continued. "We are already eight months into the pandemic, and the president of our country still doesn't have any plan to tackle the crisis." Biden's comments came when the US witnessed another spike in the most number of positive cases and hospitalizations. The former vice president warned that if it continues the same way, it will be a "dark winter." He also emphasized that there would be no political leaning on the vaccine and relief measures. "Look, there shouldn't be favorites in a pandemic. As I said, no red states, no blue states, just the United States. My administration will be united in our response, united in our purpose to stop the virus outbreak," Biden promised.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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