Biden attacks Trump for his remarks on India!!

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden slammed President Donald Trump on Saturday for his remarks on India calling its air quality as “filthy” and warned him for speaking that way about the friends of the United States. During the final presidential debate against Joe Biden, Trump termed India’s air quality as filthy along with China and Russia. In response, Biden tweeted - “ President Trump called India ‘filthy.’ It’s not how you talk about our friends - and it’s now how you solve global challenges like climate change.” Interestingly, the Trump administration opted out of the Paris climate agreement this year and is now preaching lessons of climate change for other countries. He defended his move, alleging the global deal was partial to India, China, and Russia.

Referring to his Indian-origin running mate Kamala Harris, Biden added - “@KamalaHarris and I deeply value our partnership, and we will put respect back at the center of our foreign policy.” Biden also reminisced about his last event in the White House as the vice president. “Four years ago in November 2016, one of the last events I hosted at the Vice President’s residence was a Diwali reception. As an Irish Catholic Vice President opening my home for a holiday traditionally observed by Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, and Jains and that night was joined by Muslims, Christians, and Indian Americans of various backgrounds, truly representing the diversity of the diaspora. At that time, in the shadow of a devastating and dark election, we all came together for the festival of lights and new beginnings. In that sense, we found hope of belonging to each other. That’s the America that we love. Even after four years, this is what our campaign is all about.”

The remarks from the president didn’t go well with the Indian-Americans. The supporters of the Biden campaign responded angrily - “His rhetoric has proven time and again that he has disdain for India and the heritage of other South Asian countries,” said South Asians for Biden, a group of supporters of Biden’s campaign. One of the congressional aides said - “it was a bizarre comment from a president who is trying his best to win the support from Indians. The comment is also oddly timed as the secretary of state and defense are traveling to India next week to meet the Indian counterparts.” An estimated 1.9 million Indian Americans are eligible to vote in this election. As per the recent poll, an overwhelming 72% of them showed their support for Biden.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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