Joe Biden's statement on Record Unemployment Claims !!

The United States is one of the worst-hit countries by the coronavirus, along with China and Italy. The US now holds ranks first in terms of the total positive cases tested for coronavirus going past China’s tally of 81,000. The pandemic forced the businesses across the country to shut down and lay off workers in huge numbers. As per the report published by the Department of Labor, a record of 3.3 million Americans filed initial unemployment claims last week due to the spread of the virus. Taking note of the situation, former Vice President Joe Biden released a statement on the unemployment claims.

Here’s the statement from Biden:

“Last week saw the largest single-week rise in unemployment claims in the history of America. A whopping 3.3 million people filed that they are unemployed, and the number would only increase as many are staying home to contain the spread of COVID-19. The figures show colossal job losses in service industries like accommodation and food service, which means lower-income workers are already feeling the impact of the crisis. Secretary Mnuchin might think these numbers are not relevant, but for the people who are already struggling to make ends meet, this is a genuine crisis. That’s the reason we have to do whatever is necessary to get the relief package the Senate just approved.

The President is not responsible for the coronavirus. Still, he should take full responsibility for his inability to act swiftly and for his uncoordinated response that troubled both the public health and economic impact on our country. Our President didn’t do his job when needed the most, that’s the reason why 3 million people now don’t have jobs. Every country in the world is facing this pandemic, but not every country was as irresponsible as ours. South Korea deployed intensive testing and contact-tracing measures to slow down and control the spread of the virus. Trump didn’t do that. He didn’t act when he had the chance. With no clear preventive and aggressive measures to flatten the curve, cities, and states are left with no option other than social distancing, which led to the closing of businesses and firing the workers. Presently, we are facing both the economic fallout as well as a worsening public health crisis.

The White House needs to change its mindset. Effective planning, implementation, and execution are required to address this public health and economic crisis. Congress is stepping up and doing a great job by providing free and timely unemployment insurance. But once the relief bill is signed into law, Trump will still have to work hard to plan and execute it effectively. Transferring of funds out to the door to all those who were laid off financially and keep as many people on payroll should be the top priority. However, none of them will matter if we can’t defeat coronavirus. We won’t be able to revive the economy and get people back to work without a perfect public health plan that can save lives and stops the virus as quickly as possible.”

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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