House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announces her endorsement to Joe Biden!!

Democrat and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who played a crucial role in President Trump’s impeachment process, announced her support to Joe Biden for the President of the United States. She termed the former Vice President as “a leader who is the epitome of hope and courage” for the people of America. @TeamPelosi has released a video message on Twitter announcing the endorsement. Pelosi started the video by saying, “Today, I am proud to extend my support and endorsement to Joe Biden for the President of the United States because he will be an extraordinary President of our country. Biden knows exactly how to get the job done.”

Citing his excellent work during the Great Recession faced by America, Pelosi said - “Biden has led the implementation and took accountability of the Recovery Act, which helped to create and safeguard millions of jobs.” She also applauded Biden for his efforts during the Affordable Care Act and Cancer Moonshot program. She added, “It was Joe Biden, who was a partner for the progress of the White House when the Democratic Congress passed the Affordable Care Act and also championed the Cancer Moonshot program. Biden has been with us in every step to protect the quality and affordability of health care for Americans. As the country faces the coronavirus crisis, Biden is still with us being the constant voice of reason and resilience with a transparent path to lead the country out of the crisis.” During the primaries, Pelosi didn’t explicitly announce her endorsement to any Democratic nominee but always called to maintain unity among the Democratic Party. As one after the other Democratic nominees announced their withdrawal from the race, it was left to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden at the end. Sanders also suspended his race, making Biden the Democratic party’s presumptive nominee.

Pelosi concluded her video with the message, “Elections are about our future. Presently, more than ever before, we need a forward-looking, battle-tested leader who will fight for the People and their rights. America needs a President with values and experience and strategic thinking to bring the nation together and build a better fairer world for our future generations. For all the above reasons and other reasons, I am very proud to endorse Joe Biden for President. A leader who is an epitome of hope, courage, values, authenticity, and integrity. With so much at stake, we need enthusiasm, invigoration, and participation of all Americans. With a Democratic majority in the House and Senate, we as a team will deliver bold progress for the People with Joe Biden as the President in the White House.” Pelosi is the latest addition to the list of administrators who endorsed Biden, starting with Obama, Sanders, and his 2020 campaign rivals. Former Vice President Joe Biden thanked Pelosi for her endorsement with a reply on Twitter from his official handle. Here’s the tweet:

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