Here's everything you need to know about Biden's VP pick!!

Former Vice President Joe Biden and his team are toiling out to choose the Vice Presidential candidate for a couple of months now, but they are unable to finalize a single suitable candidate as of now. On multiple occasions, Biden suggested that he would announce his running mate by the end of July. However, there is still no concrete information on who would be the Vice Presidential pick from the Democratic party. The Democratic presumptive nominee wants his team to pick a lady with similar skills like that of Joe Biden. The skills that Biden saw himself as a vice president working with President Barack Obama: loyal, experienced, apolitical, trusted, or someone with whom he can bond well.

One of the close supporters of Biden said - “Biden is not kidding when he says I really want someone like me and whom he can trust completely. His experience working with President Obama was one the most genuine and trusted bonds in the history of the White House, and Biden expects to have the same kind of bonding with his running mate.” The same feeling has been conveyed by dozens of Democrats, including elected officials, formal campaign advisers, and strategists. Most of them agreed to share the information on anonymity basis - Biden is looking for a partner who could play his role when he was the Vice President in Obama’s administration, like that of a friend, confidant who worked in tandem on his political interests along with his boss. Susan Rice is the latest addition to the vast list of probable VP candidates that Biden and his team are working to finalize.

Susan Rice worked as the national security adviser in Obama’s second term, and she had the privilege of working closely with the then-Vice President Joe Biden daily in the White House throughout the four years. This bonding can play a crucial role in making her the potential vice-presidential candidate for Biden. Although there are other people in consideration, most Democrats want someone who can help Biden instead of causing problems to him. One of Democrats said - “The first rule to select a candidate is there shouldn’t be any harm after their selection.” Kamala Harris and Senator Elizabeth Warren are the next two crucial candidates who could make it to the top three in the selection process as they fill in every checkbox set by Joe Biden.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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