Biden's polling figures are nearing the half way mark!!

Democratic presidential nominee has been ahead of President Trump in all the polls this summer. Even Hillary Clinton was in a similar position in 2016 against Republican nominee Trump. However, there is one key difference that often goes unnoticed with Biden’s campaign. He is very close to the magic number of 50 percent mark, both in crucial Electoral College battleground states and nationally. Automatically, that’s terrible news for Trump, and it even puts him in a worse situation. The only way Trump can bounce back is to not only attract the skeptical undecided voters but should also be able to convert Biden supporters into his supporters. President Trump has to do both the above things with time running against him.

As per the latest RealClearPolitics numbers, Biden earned national support of 49.3 percent and is conveniently ahead with 6.2 percentage points lead over President Trump, well above the error margin. Comparatively, Clinton was hanging around with a 44.9 percent mark at the same time four years ago with only a single point lead. Biden’s campaign has a similar story in most of the battleground states. The former vice president is well within the two points of majority support in necessary states to clinch the Electoral College victory. In comparison, Clinton had low-to-mid -40s scores in the same states, which ended up voting for President Trump by the undecided voters. A Florida-based Democratic strategist and executive director of a pro-Biden super PAC, Steve Schale said - “One major worry that kept me glued up all night in 2016 was we always felt like there was a bigger number of undecided voters than the actual estimation. And if they vote in the opposite direction, then all the estimations would turn upside down.” He further added, “I don’t think Clinton got more than 48 percent of voters’ support in any poll held in Florida, and that was the case in many places.”

Presently, Trump is stuck in the low-to-mid-40s, just in the same position he was four years ago. But this time, he is contesting the elections as the incumbent President of the United States. With lesser undecided voters, Trump is running against time to improve his poll figures and close the gap between him and the Democratic presidential nominee. As per the POLITICO’s coverage, 13 swing states were identified, which could potentially change the outcome of the elections. And Biden is leading 10 of these 13 states as per the RealClearPolitics averages.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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