There's no vaccine for racism - Kamala Harris at DNC!!

California Senator Kamala Harris became the first Black woman and first Asian American to join a major party presidential ticket after she accepted the Democratic Party’s vice-presidential nomination at Democratic National Convention on Wednesday night. She argued that structural racism had increased the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic for Black communities across all the states of America. There was no mincing of words from the vice presidential nominee, as she said - “Coronavirus has no eyes, and yet it knows how exactly we see each other and treat each other. Let me be obvious for once and for all - there is no vaccine for racism. We’ve gotta do the work.”

Kamala Harris’s speech was mainly focused on issues relating to race. She spoke about her mother, Shyamala, who emigrated from India and settled down in the US with a career in cancer research and upbringing two kids. “It was my mother Shyamala who taught me and my sister, Maya, to believe that public service is a noble cause, and any fight for justice is a shared responsibility of the citizens.” Harris also added that these values shaped her career from working as the district attorney in San Francisco to becoming the California attorney general and then to California Senator, which has helped her win the vice-presidential nomination from the Democratic Party. She accepted the nomination, remembering her mother, who hails from down south of India. “I keep thinking about how a 25-year-old Indian woman, who is barely five feet tall but full of confidence. She gave birth to me at Kaiser Hospital in Oakland, California. On that very day, she could have never imagined that her Black daughter would be standing before the packed crowd and speaking these words: I accept your nomination for the vice president of the United States of America.”

Apart from racial issues and family background, Kamala’s speech highlighted her courtroom experiences as she worked atop the nation’s second-largest justice department. She also spoke about the legal battles she handled against transnational criminal organizations and her advocacy for sexual assault survivors. She touted herself that she would know a predator with just a glance. Her speech also included Biden’s late son Beau, a fellow state attorney general from Delaware. Finally, she praised Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for his active involvement in the legislation of banning Federal Assault Weapons, Violence against Women Act and Recovery Act. “While President Trump turns our tragedies into his political weapons, Joe Biden will be our president who will turn our challenges into purpose,” she added.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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