Kamala Harris is already helping the Joe Biden campaign!!

It’s been less than a week since Kamala Harris was selected as the running mate for Biden. She is already showing positive signs to accelerate the campaign for Biden when it comes to inspiring younger voters. Over the past few months, former Vice President Joe Biden has been in a commanding position, leading all significant polls. However, Democrats always feared that Biden was still lagging in winning the support of younger voters and American people of color. However, the inclusion of Kamala Harris did the trick for him. The California Senator gave a new dimension to the already surging campaign by exciting the young voters as they head into the Democratic National Convention later this week.

Not only the support from the younger generation but Kamala Harris was able to bring a surge in fundraising, rise in polls even though she didn’t hold a public rally due to the coronavirus pandemic. Former Senator Carol Moseley Braun of Illinois said, “I think Harris brings with her the energy of every Black woman in this country.” Carol is the first Black woman to be elected to the chamber, and Kamala Harris is the only other lady beside her. Biden’s campaign raised nearly $50 million in just two days after Harris joined the campaign trail. The difference in the support from the younger voters earned by Harris was clearly evident from the packed parking lot, which was barely filled when Biden spoke on the campus earlier this summer. After the announcement, the same campus parking lot was jammed with cars, and supporters were excited with custom signs and Biden-Harris t-shirts waiting eagerly to get a glimpse of the duo.

The campaign team is currently working to ensure maximum impact from both of them in the remaining 79 days to win the elections. The early focus is on reintroducing Harris as the vice-presidential pick at events alongside Joe Biden. The duo is also expected to sit down for an extended TV interview after the Democratic convention. Biden’s campaign officials are very confident about what Kamala Harris has to offer to strengthen the race. They hope that she can help in most constituencies, including African Americans, youth, Latinos, and suburban women like Arizona, Florida, California, and Texas.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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