Harris wants the Cop who shot Jacob Blake to be 'charged'!!

Until the past few months, racial protests were at full swing in the middle of a pandemic in the United States triggered by the killing of black man George Floyd in police custody. While the campaign to safeguard Black people's lives in America is going forward strongly, there is another killing of an unarmed black man Jacob Blake. Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris said that police officer Rusten Sheskey of Kenosha, Wisconsin, should be charged for an attempt of murder for firing against the black man. Before firing, Jacob Balke was tasered and scuffled by the police officers. Later they opened the firing when he tried to open the door of an SUV with his children sitting in the backseat.

As per the reports, Jacob Blake was shot by a white police officer in the back for about seven times. Although Blake survived the exchange, his family members confirmed that he is paralyzed down from the waist, damaging his stomach, kidney, small intestines, and liver. The shootings not only impacted Blake's family but also led to the nationwide racial protests. In an interview with Craig Melvin of NBC news, Harris said - "I think there should be an in-depth investigation. Based on what I've known and seen so far, it seems that the officer should be charged." However, she didn't want to jump the gun without clear evidence. She further said that she doesn't have all the facts about Blake's case and would allow the officer to go through the investigation process to know whether the police officer's use of force is justified. "I don't see it. But presently, I don't have all the evidence," she clarified.

Harris further added, "The video showed the man was going to his car and appeared unarmed. If that's the case, what was there a need to use the force? Not one but seven bullets from a close range were shot in the back of the man. I don't see any justification for this when he is unarmed." Both Biden and Harris condemned Trump for his language regarding racial protests on Thursday. They accused the President of using the racial protests as a catalyst for his own political interests.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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