We have two justice systems in America_ Harris

Attorney General in Trump’s administration, William Barr, acknowledged that some statistics suggest black people were treated differently compared to white people of America. “There are stereotypes, and people often act according to these stereotypes. As the Attorney General, I think it requires extra attention by law enforcement officials to make sure we don’t reduce people to stereotypes; we need to treat them as individuals,” Barr told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris took potshots at President Donald Trump and the Attorney General as they claimed that there is no two justice system in the country.

Kamala Harris claimed that both the President and the Attorney General are entirely in a different reality when it comes to racism in the justice system. Speaking to CNN’s Dana Bash in an interview, Harris said - “Present reality of America today is what we have seen over the past few generations. To be frank, since our inception, we do have two systems of justice in the United States.” She further added, “I don’t think any reasonable person who pays attention to the facts would dispute the fact that racial disparities. This country has a system that is engaged in racism. There’s no denying that we have seen an unacceptable incidence for generations of unarmed Black men being killed.”

Former prosecutor herself, who served as attorney general of California, Harris wants the white police officer who shot Jacob Blake in Wisconsin to be charged. “Although I’m not in a position with the real facts of the case. But as per my knowledge from what I’ve seen, I believe that the charges against the police officer must be considered so that there will be proper accountability,” said Kamala Harris.

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