Melinda Gates isn't impressed with Trump response for coronavirus!!

On Thursday, Melinda Gates said that the Trump administration didn’t handle the coronavirus pandemic the way it should be done. Gates, who is the co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, gave low marks for handling the crisis in the United States. She gave a “D-minus” grade for Trump administration, referring to the lack of coordinated efforts for the national response and said more money is required for testing and the development of the vaccine in the country. She took a dig at governors also for coming up with 50 different state resolutions instead of a single best response in controlling the virus spread.

Speaking in the Politico Women Rule Interview, Gates said - “You know, if we followed any of the things that are being done by exemplar countries like Germany, then it should be testing. We should have been testing the health care workers first, followed by most vulnerable and then the people affected by contact tracing. If the testing were done in the above pattern, we would be able to start thinking about reopening the economy slowly, like the safe places in society. We have to accept the truth that we have lacked a coordinated effort across the United States. Bill Gates and Melinda Gates have started their philanthropy foundation in 2000, primarily to solve the needs in the field of public health. Be it any health crisis, Bill Gates always showed keen interest in fixing the damage involved in the crisis. Bill Gates wrote a letter in the New England Journal of Medicine in February, asking the federal government to develop a strong policy towards the response of coronavirus in the United States.

In April, they have donated $150 million to help the poor countries with testing, treatment and for the development of a response to the pandemic. Even after Trump halted US funding for the World Health Organization, Gates foundation announced their immediate support to WHO irking the President. Melinda Gates concluded by citing an example of European leaders’ fundraising efforts, which led to raising $7.4 billion for vaccine research. In the same way, more money needs to be diverted towards the testing and development of vaccines at this point.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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