VP Mike Pence defies hospital policy and goes maskless!!

Vice President Mike Pence also joined the bandwagon along with President Donald Trump is disobeying the guidelines laid down by the health experts of the United States. On Tuesday, Mike Pence visited the Mayo Clinic and met the hospital staff along with a patient without sporting a protective mask even after the suggestions from the hospital staff. Usage of masks is mandatory as per the hospital’s policy for all the visitors in a measure to reduce the spread of coronavirus. Vice President made plans to visit Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota after it announced a coronavirus testing moonshot to tackle the virus outbreak.

During his visit, Pence was surrounded by others who followed the policy of having a mask in public, yet he didn’t show any interest for the same. This incident from Pence has criticized widely on social mead and by the health experts. Even after the criticism, Pence didn’t look bothered as he told reporters that his believed his visit was as per the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and he claimed that he is not tested positive for the virus. “As the Vice President of this country, I’m tested for coronavirus daily just like the President and others who are involved in the White House,” Pence told the reporters. But as per the CDC recommendations, all Americans should be wearing a cloth face mask in public areas where social distancing measures might be difficult to follow.

On the same day, Pence was greeted by Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and some other officials who have followed the protocols of wearing masks in public appearances. But most of the Republicans are least interested in wearing a mask including President Donald Trump who refused the recommendations for themselves. VP Pence declined to wear a mask in his previous visits as well to the Air Force Academy and a GE Healthcare visit. In his April 3rd press briefing, Trump said, “I don’t see a mask for myself,” which sent a negative vibe to the people of America. Interestingly, Mayo Clinic deleted their tweet, which clearly stated that the staff had already informed VP regarding the mask policy before his arrival. “By refusing to lead by example, VP is risking the health of the essential workers,” said Ken Martin chairman of the Democratic-Farmer Labour Party in Minnesota.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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