Facebook and Twitter indicates to not take down Pelosi speech-ripping video

The video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ripping a copy of Trump's speech during the State of Union address has been viral for the past few days on social media platforms. Democratic members blasted both Twitter and Facebook for hosting the video on their platforms. In his address, Trump honored the last surviving Tuskegee Airman, announced the reunion with his family, and praised a fallen soldier. Pelosi tore the same speech, which was claimed disrespectful by the Republicans.

Democrats called out both the social media platforms to take down the video, as some of them were edited to make Pelosi appear to be drunk. Democratic Representative David Cicilline posted, "Hey @Twitter, this video is clearly edited in a way that's intended to mislead viewers. You should take it down." Another Democrat took Twitter to raise his voice; Don Beyer tweeted - "This video is doctored. It has been up, and pinned to the President's page, for nearly a day. Trump posted it to deceive Americans about @SpeakerPelosi's actions and record." Even the deputy chief of Pelosi's staff, Drew Hammill, chimed in to slam the social media platforms. He tweeted - "The American people know that the President has no qualms about lying to them, but it is a shame to see Twitter and Facebook, sources of news for millions, do the same."

However, both Twitter and Facebook indicated they would not take any action against the video as it doesn't violate their policies. Speaking to Politico, Facebook spokesperson Andy Stone said - "those videos do not violate our policies as they are not misleading someone into thinking that a subject of the video said words that they did not actually say." Twitter spokesperson Katie Rosborough also resonated the same. She added, "company's new policies against synthetic and manipulated media will not take effect until March 5, and our team will not retroactively review Trump's tweet or others featuring the video."

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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