Former UN Ambassador, Haley offers suggestions to President Trump!!

Every political enthusiast and administrator are attacking President Donald Trump for his slow response in handling the coronavirus outbreak in the US. Despite the explicit instructions, Trump didn’t enforce a lockdown, which led to the spread of the virus. The former US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley on Friday suggested that President Trump should allow and let his health experts speak during the daily coronavirus briefings in the White House. The suggestion by Nikki came amid the increasing criticism the President is receiving due to his clashes with reporters. Nikki believes that instead of airtime for Trump, the media should focus on giving significant airtime to the public health crisis.

Speaking in an interview on Fox & Friends on Thursday morning, Haley dissed President for his willingness to over-communicate amid the deadly pandemic. She further added - “I think Trump needs to allow his experts to speak in the daily briefings. Let them talk about the measures. He should set the tone for the briefings and allow the experts to release data to the public. The expert team should answer all the questions by the press instead of the President. The briefings should be short, and there is no need for the President to answer everything.” Coming to the economy part, Haley encouraged Trump to present in-depth financial data, as his administration is looking forward to reopening the US economy. “Along with health report, he should also present the economic report at the same time,” she concluded.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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