Obama slams President Trump as he hits the campaign trail!!

Former President Barack Obama attacked his successor on Wednesday in his Philadelphia campaign while supporting his vice president Joe Biden. Obama called out President Trump's inability to handle the coronavirus pandemic, which led to the death of over 220,000 Americans and infected nearly 8.4 million people by making it the worst affected country in the world. Trump's administration was so sluggish that the virus-infected himself, along with his family members and top officials in the administration. "Trump isn't going to suddenly protect all of us from the virus if he is re-elected. He can't even take the basic steps to protect himself from the virus," Obama said during his speech at a drive-in rally in Philadelphia's stadium district.

The country's first and only Black President acknowledged the fact that the "deadly virus would have been challenging for any president, but Trump has proved that he is absolutely unfit at this moment." Obama further added that "his administration left a pandemic playbook for the next administrations to follow drafted after the Ebola outbreak." But it was entirely ignored by President Trump and his administration. "They probably used it to - I don't know - prop up a wobbly table somewhere," Obama said. After attacking the president, Obama went to praise the present Democratic nominees' Joe Biden and the running mate Kamala Harris. Biden and Obama share a great bond as they worked in the White House for eight long years. "They actually care about every American, including those you disagree with them and those who don't vote for them as well. They are going to fight every day for the betterment of Americans. They care about you, and they care about this democracy," Obama added.

Obama's speech was custom-made to provoke President Trump and get a response from him. "Trump hasn't shown any interest in helping the Americans but for himself and his friends. He treated the highest office like a reality show where he can get some much-needed attention. And by the way, even his TV ratings are sinking. So you know that would upset him," Obama said. The former president concluded by saying - "With Joe and Kamala Harris at our side, Americans are not going to have to think about the crazy things they say every day, and that's worth a lot. It just won't be so exhausting as it is right now." Biden's campaign team is strategically using Obama's support in crucial states to help the former vice president. Obama's rally in Philadelphia attempts to strengthen Democratic enthusiasm in the state where both the parties are eyeing for a victory.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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