Obama criticizes Trump as a threat to democracy!!

Former President Barack Obama launched an all-out attack on his successor, President Donald Trump, as an unserious and self-centered man who has risked the core democratic values of America with his presidency. In his speech at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday, Obama said - "I never expected that my successor would continue my vision and the same set of policies. But for the sake of our country, I did expect and hoped that President Trump might show a little interest in taking his job seriously. But sadly, he never did." Obama, who handed over his reins as the President of the United States to Donald Trump, termed him as a catastrophically ineffective leader, who has been using the office of the highest power only to benefit him and his close friends.

He continued, "Even after three and half years into his government, Trump hasn't grown into his job because he can't. The consequences of his failure are severe and directly impacted the people of America. 170,000 Americans are dead, and millions have lost their jobs due to the way he handled the coronavirus pandemic. Our proud reputation around the world tarnished badly, and our democratic institutions are threatened like never before." Obama felt the urgency to explain the wrongdoings of President Donald Trump. He claimed that "Trump views the presidency as nothing more than a reality show where he can get a lot of attention he craves." Obama outrightly dismissed the way Trump handled the coronavirus crisis, stating that "Americans' ability to get together and work as a team to solve huge issues like a pandemic depends on the trust towards science, facts, and logic but not just making up the stuff which makes the headlines."

Obama also took a jibe at Trump, referring to his 2016 nomination acceptance speech. In his remarks, Trump claimed that "I alone can fix all the nation's ills," to which Obama asserted, "no single American can fix this wonderful country alone. Not even a president can do it." Towards the end of his speech at the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia, Obama urged all the voters to vote for the former vice president and 2020 Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, suggesting that the democracy of the country is at stake if Trump is reelected.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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