Over 300 DNC delegates and members urge Biden to select Bass for VP!!

A group with over 300 delegates to the Democratic National Convention and the members of the Democratic National Committee collectively signed a statement requesting the presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden to pick Rep. Karen Bass as the vice-presidential candidate. This lobbying effort by the members of DNC comes days before the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee is expected to announce his running mate. Additionally, the delegates and members of DNC feel that the congresswoman would help in bringing the party together in the run-up to the White House. As per the POLITICO’s delegates tracker, Biden currently has 2632 delegates, and Bernie Sanders has 1076 delegates.

The announcement from the delegates says, “We, delegates to the Democratic National Committee for Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and other Democratic leaders, believe that Congresswoman Karen Bass is the best choice among all the vice-presidential candidates under consideration. Selecting Bass will help unify our party and move our nation forward. So, we urge Vice President Biden to choose her to join the ticket.” Some of the prominent progressives expressed their admiration for Bass in recent weeks, including those who supported Bernie Sanders during the primary. Bass, who leads the Congressional Black Caucus, emerged as a leading contender for Biden’s vice-presidential pick. Dolores Huerta, who endorsed Kamala Harris in the primaries, publicly cast her support for Bass. Former co-chair of Sanders’ 2020 campaign, Nina Turner, also signed the statement.

Speaking about the endorsement, Turner said - “Congresswoman Bass would make an excellent vice president. Her commitment to the grassroots is evident in her work as an activist. Additionally, she has a record of building coalitions even during turbulent times. This kind of skill set is mandatory in this critical moment. Moreover, Bass brings a strong progressive voice towards the future of America.” Another Sanders co-chair, Rep. Ro Khanna said - “Bass is a healer at a time the nation needs a healer.”

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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