Climate Agreement of different countries depends on American election results!!

Major world nations, including China, which emit enormous amounts of greenhouse gases, are waiting eagerly for the outcome of the US presidential elections to decide whether to stop or proceed with their climate pledges. With President Trump officially signing the order to leave the Paris Agreement, most nations are left in a dilemma whether to continue their action plans to curb the greenhouse gases. Although Trump signed the Paris Agreement, the US is scheduled to leave the Paris Climate Change Agreement only after the presidential elections. If Trump wins his reelection, then the disengagement will last for at least another four years. However, his opponent and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden promised to rejoin the deal to make the country net-zero emissions by 2050, provided he wins the elections.

Dutch Climate Envoy Marcel Beukeboom said - "If Biden wins the November elections, then suddenly Europe will have one of the biggest supporters for safe climate initiative. But there is also another chance that Trump can be in power for the next four years. So, we have two scenarios regarding international climate policies." Beukeboom also acknowledged that they would have to play the solo game and upgrade the plans if Trump wins the reelection. Presently the idea is rooting for a Biden victory, followed by a new set of plans in the EU towards the end of 2020. The EU's new plans could lead to China and the US solving its strategic trade deals and focusing on climate change together in 2021. Once the US joins the plan, it could drive more significant international momentum among other countries before the COP26 event. But a Trump victory could lead to a complete opposite of the above events. Trump would shift his focus to unhealthy relationships between China and the EU, with economic tensions reaching new heights.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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