Nancy Pelosi lashes out at President Trump for his claims of opening the economy!!

President Donald Trump is receiving all the criticism for the way he handled the coronavirus outbreak in the country. Although there were indications of the virus as early as January, Trump and his administration didn’t deploy enough measures to contain the virus which resulted in the worst health crisis in the United States. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi targeted President Trump during a private call on Monday, she claimed, Trump was putting the lives of Americans in grave danger with his rush to reopen the economy by the end of the April.

Pelosi lashed out at Trump for the way he handled the coronavirus pandemic in the US, terming it as “almost sinful.” He also failed in providing essential services like PPE kits, gloves, masks to our healthcare officials along with making coronavirus tests available for the citizens. In her call with the Democrats, Pelosi said - “The more misrepresentations he puts out in public, the more it conceals the truth. At this hour of crisis, we must have to insist only on the truth. What President Trump and his administration saying is not knowledge, it is not facts and it is not even real.” In her two hour call with the Democrats, Pelosi returned to attacking President Trump multiple times. She dissed President Trump for not having any plan for proper testing and contact tracing. At this rate, his government can’t guarantee a safe place for Americans, said Pelosi.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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