Pelosi mocks Trump for his disinfectant claims!!

President Trump’s remarks of injecting disinfectant attracted a lot of criticism from health experts. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also targeted Trump for his comments. On Friday, she took a jibe at both President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, alleging them to be anti-science and anti-governance. Speaking to reporters at a weekly Capitol Hill news conference, Pelosi said - “The President is suggesting and asking people to injected Lysol themselves in the lungs and Mitch is saying that states should go bankrupt. What happened to Mitch? It is clearly visible that within 24 hours, how Republicans have rejected science and governance.”

After Bill Bryan said “virus dies the quickest when exposed to sunlight” as per his team’s research, Trump took it as an opportunity to suggest injecting disinfectant or sending light inside a human body to eliminate the virus within minutes. The White House later clarified that President’s comments were taken out of context. On Friday, while signing the Paycheck Protection program and Health Care Enhancement Act, Trump also claimed that he was responding “sarcastically” to a reporters question. Doubling up her criticism, Pelosi said, “ Unfortunately, we see Republicans making comments that have absolutely zero connection to science and facts.”

On Friday, Trump also displayed his long-established vexation over USPS pricing deals to Amazon and other retailers. “The Postal Service is a joke,” Trump told the reporters and he would not approve any emergency loan until USPS raise their prices. He continued, “The Post Office should increase the price of their package by at least four times. I’d not allow Steven Munchin, who is the Treasury Secretary, to approve the loan with the rise in prices.” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi targeted Trump on Post Office issue while concluding her press briefing. She said, “ The White House told me, that President has no money for the Post Office, but he wants people to inject Lysol into our lungs.”

Former Vice President Joe Biden also mocked Trump for his disinfectant comment. He posted “I can’t believe I have to say this, but please don’t drink bleach,” from his official Twitter account.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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