Biden's Plan for Government Reforms!!

The constitution of America doesn’t begin with the phrase, ‘We the Democrats’ or ‘We the Republicans’ but it starts with ‘We the people.’ Power is rested with the people but not otherwise. Joe Biden made this clear in his presidential campaign kickoff on May 18, 2019. However, the current government is working precisely the opposite way. Donald Trump is leading the most corrupt administration in the modern-day history of America. President went to such an extent where a foreign government is involved in investigating and attacking his political opponent. There are a ton of things that President Trump is doing from the Oval office abusing the power vesting on him. At this critical time, America needs a President who can restore faith in the government.

The next President of the United States should be a do-er instead of just making false promises. We need a President who doesn’t discriminate any religion, race, gender, disability, zip code, income and sexual orientation. With the elections less than a year, we the people of America should elect leaders with integrity and country first approach. Former Vice President Joe Biden falls perfectly in this category. He already has proven experience as the Vice President. Presently, Biden is the most popular Democratic nominee to take on Donald Trump. During his campaign, Biden released several plans that will be implemented once he assumes the office. Today, he came up with the ideas for Government Reforms. Here are the crucial points from his plan:

1. Restore the moral values in government.

2. Hold the lobbied and lobbyists accountable.

3. Bring integrity back to the US Department of Justice and other Executive Branches who make decisions.

4. Make it easier for candidates from all backgrounds to join politics by reducing the corrupt influence of money.

5. Elimination of private dollars from federal elections by creating constitutional amendments.

6. Create specific laws to keep foreign out of US elections.

7. Bring new laws to provide voluntary matching public funds for federal candidates receiving smaller amounts of donations.

8. Restriction of SuperPACs.

9. Bring complete transparency on election spending.

10. Stop dark money groups.

11. New laws for real-time disclosure funded election campaigns.

12.Prohibition of lobbyist contributions to those who lobby.

13. Forbid corporate PAC contributions to candidates.

14. New reform funding for national party conventions.

15. Put an end to federal contractor loophole.

16. Preventing the President or White House officials from improperly interfering in federal investigations, thereby ensuring a smooth trial process.

17. Bring transparency to DOJ decision-making.

18. Permit agency watchdogs to tackle unethical behaviour.

19. Restrict improper interference in agency matters.

20. Empowering DOJ to enforce the law.

21. Setting up the Commission on Federal Ethics for effective enforcement of federal ethics law.

22. Build on the existing Obama-Biden Administration ethics pledge.

23. Mandatory federal office tax returns up to 10 years before the date of declaring their first federal office.

24. Strict rules to prevent the President and Senior Executive branch members from getting influenced by personal financial holdings.

25. Enact the same laws to prevent the influence on US House and Senate members.

26. Removal of trust loophole in the present financial disclosure law.

27. Making elected officials accountable for public transparency of lobbying meetings.

28. Prohibition of foreign governments’ usage of lobbyists.

29. Round the clock public access.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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