Biden leads in Arizona as per latest polls!!

Former Vice President Joe Biden is all set to win the Arizona state primary as well beating his strong contender Bernie Sanders. As per the poll released on Monday, Biden is holding a significant lead over Sanders even during coronavirus outbreak in the country. The poll by Monmouth University shows that Biden has a comfortable lead of 20 percentage points against Sanders. He is leading with 51 percentage points when compared to Bernie’s 31 percentage points. Approximately five percent of voters were undecided, and the remainder 1 percent voted for Rep. Tulsi Gabbard. The rest 10 percent of voters chose the candidates who left the presidential primary race.

A total of four states are voting on Tuesday. Along with Arizona, Florida, Ohio, and Illinois are also voting to choose the Democratic nominee for the 2020 elections. Biden’s advantage in Arizona will eventually help him to get a lead in the other three states. As of now, Biden is holding a good lead over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in the remaining three states as well. Georgia and Louisiana are the two other states that are scheduled as per the primary calendar. However, due to the coronavirus outbreak, both the states have postponed their primaries. Arizona went ahead with the polls as there was less impact in the state.

While announcing the poll results, Monmouth University pollster Patrick Murray said - “Joe Biden has a key advantage going into the primary because much of his support has already been banked in the early vote. The closure of many polling places due to the coronavirus outbreak means it is uncertain how many voters who planned to vote on Tuesday will actually turn up and cast their vote.” Of all the age groups, Biden lead comes from older voters where he leads Sanders, 75 percent to that of 8 percent. In the 65+ white voters category, he leads 55 percent to 26 percent. In the same poll, a large majority of Democratic voters, approximately 63 percent felt that it is much more essential to pick a nominee to defeat President Trump than to address any of the policy issues.


Dr. Dhillon Randeep


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