Rep. Val Demings attacks President Trump for racial protests!!

Florida’s 10th district Representative Val Demings of the Democratic party slammed President Donald Trump on Sunday for his order to suspend the federal funding for anti-racism training initiatives. Speaking in the ABC’s “This Week” news program, Demings said, “We need a president who clearly understands the country’s racial system and addresses all racism issues. Until we get to that point, we will have to face the problems that have become a norm for us every other day right now.” Val Demings is a person who doesn’t mince her words, be it any issue. She is the first woman to lead the Orlando Police Department.

The reason for attacking President Trump is due to a White House memo from the Office of Management and Budget, where Trump termed the anti-racism training in the federal workforce as anti-American and is divisive. Responding to the memo, Demings said - “Racism has been the ghost in this country for over 400 years. Unfortunately, we got to deal with the inequalities all by ourselves in everything. Be it healthcare, where we see the impact of Covid-19 on Black and brown communities. When it comes to education, we know that an overwhelming majority of Black and brown people did not graduate high school. We have to deal with all the injustices, be it education, housing, healthcare, or lending.“

When questioned about the racial protests and police brutality that took place nationwide, Demings advised and urged the people to go for peaceful protests and accountability in case of looting and violence. “Our primary job is to make sure that peaceful protesters are given a chance to exercise their right to protest guaranteed under the First Amendment. Along with that, we have to make sure that those who indulge in violence regardless of their political exposure must be held accountable,” Demings said. She further intensified her attacks on the President for throwing fire at the racial protests. “When every state of America was going through the civil unrest, we had a president who was walking around with a gasoline can to fire up the protests instead of trying to calm the situation.” When asked about former vice president Joe Biden’s response to the racial protests, she termed him as a person who is on the right track. “Biden talked about peaceful protests, he also spoke about accountability from violent protesters and good police officers. That’s how we are going to get to the place we waited for,” said Demings.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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