More than 25 former Republican lawmakers endorse Joe Biden!!

Former Vice President Joe Biden isn't stopping his momentum in winning endorsements anytime soon, even with elections just under three months. Joe Biden officially became the Democratic presidential nominee for 2020, along with his running mate Kamala Harris at the Democratic National Convention held last week. The last few months have been extraordinary for Biden. From winning every primary from March to defeating his colleagues to clinch the delegates and a rise in ratings against President Trump nationally, Biden had a phenomenal run so far leading to the election. Over the course, he has also been adding many popular and significant names to his endorsement list. More than two dozen former Republican lawmakers announced their endorsement to former vice president Joe Biden on Monday.

A nation-wide effort to encourage Republican voters and their communities to support Biden has been launched along with Biden's presidential campaign ahead of the elections. The endorsements took place on the same day as the Republican National Convention, which was held in Charlotte just after the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee. One of the prominent endorsements from the list of Republican lawmakers is from Jeff Flake, former Arizona Senator who has been a critic of President Donald Trump. Last September, Flake requested his fellow Republicans to stop supporting President Trump in his bid to reelection. He urged the Republicans by writing an op-ed for The Washington Post, stating that "Trump is grossly undeserving of holding the country's highest office."

In response to the former GOP lawmakers' endorsement call, the Biden campaign termed the support as "a massive setback for Trump's administration." The team further added, "former lawmakers are supporting Biden because they exactly know what is at stake in the present elections and they acknowledge the failures of President Donald Trump." Additionally, Democratic leaders grabbed the opportunity to display the Republican support for Joe Biden during their four-day convention last week in Milwaukee, by offering them to speak at the convention. Former New York Rep. Susan Molinari, former Ohio Gov. John Kasich, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, former New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman, are some Republicans who spoke at the convention in support of the Democratic presidential nominee.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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