Sally Yates, former acting Attorney General endorses Joe Biden!!

Sally Yates, who was the former acting attorney general before President Donald Trump fired her just days after assuming the office announced her support to former Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday. In a statement, Yates said - “I am supporting Biden for President because I trust him. I trust him to always put our country’s interests before his own, to tell the truth, to unite us rather than dive and always to respect the position of the presidency as a privilege instead as an entitlement.”

Yates served during the last two years of Obama-Biden administration. Describing her experience with her former colleague, Yates said - “Biden is thoroughly a decent person who will restore honor and integrity of the presidency post. He would work to heal this country, which has been selfishly ripped apart for personal and political gain. Yates also expressed concerns about the re-election of Trump, saying - “At the end of eight years, I fear that we will not recognize the nation that we have become.” Yates endorsement will help Biden as the next Democratic presidential primary is scheduled on March 24th. Yates joins the former Secretary of State Joh Kerry, former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, and former National Security Adviser Susan Rice to endorse Biden from the Obama administration.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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