Former Sanders supporters launch pro-Biden campaign to win Latino voters!!

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been displaying his winning streak in the national polls beating President Donald Trump comfortably for the past couple of months. However, if we dive deep into the polls, we find that Biden is consistently trailing when it comes to the performance with Latino voters. Multiple surveys showed that Biden's vote share among Latino voters is less than Hillary Clinton's 2016 performance. A pair of super PACs are launched by the top aides Bernie Sander who worked for his 2020 campaign to fix Biden's performance. This is their first presidential campaign ad for Joe Biden.

The ad, which was shared with POLITICO, aims to target Latino voters and also target President Donald Trump for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, which screwed up the country's economy. The ad is a pretty expensive purchase for the campaign team. It will appear on TV and digital platforms in the states of Michigan, North Carolina, and Arizona in English and Spanish. The ad starts with the narrator saying - "Since the day he announced to run for the president, Donald Trump has been at war with the Latino community. He called us rapists and criminals, attacking dreamers and separating the children from their mothers. Trump has failed in handling the pandemic. He has allowed the coronavirus to spread, which led to devastating our community. We are dying at a higher rate than any other Americans."

The advertisement was a collaborative effort of Nuestro PAC, which was launched by Bernie Sanders senior advisor Chuck Rocha and American's Progressive Promise, founded by Sanders aide Jeff Weaver. The ad aims to find and persuade Sanders supporters, primarily Latino voters, to support the Democratic presumptive nominee Joe Biden. "What makes this ad special is we are following the exact lessons that we learned from Bernie's campaign. We are starting early. We are going big, and we plan to continue the same. This is just the beginning but not the end," Chuck Rocha said about their plan to win Latino voters' support. He further added, "we were very intentional in making Bernie Sanders a part of these ads." Another top aid of Sanders, Jeff Weaver, said - "Biden is looking good as per the polls, and we hope it stays that way, but we know how fast things can change with our experience in 2016. So we have our foot on the gas to make sure Biden wins in November with the help of Latino voters."

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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