Americans should be prepared if Trump refuses to leave office_ Bernie Sanders

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders fears that President Donald might refuse to leave the White House office if he loses the reelection bid in November. To counter such a situation, Sanders is preparing American citizens, Congress, and the media to take action when needed. In an interview with POLITICO, Bernie Sanders said - “This scenario is not just mere speculation. On multiple occasions, President Trump was caught saying that the only way he could lose the presidential elections is if there was, let me quote his exact words - ‘the only way they can take this election away from us is if this is a rigged election.’ He is publicly making such statements when he is trailing Biden virtually every national poll.”

Bernie Sanders explained how there is a possibility of Trump refusing to leave the office with a byte from a July interview with Fox News anchor Chris Wallace. In the interview, Wallace asked whether Trump would accept the election results immediately. In response, Trump said - “Look, I have to see. I’m not going to just say yes, and I’m not going to say no. I didn’t say it last time, either.” Not only the result, but Trump also tried to delay the process of conducting the presidential elections in November by making false claims that mail ballots are foolproof and that he lost the popular vote due to ballots in 2016 cast by millions of unverified immigrants. Predicting the possibility, Bernie Sanders plans to bring a series of awareness programs against Trump’s move.

He plans to send mass emails to his huge supporter base and give relevant speeches about the topic very soon. Sanders explained the process of how he is going to alert the citizens about the possibility. He said - “In the next two months we have to alert the people of American about the nightmarish scenario if Trump refuses to leave the office and the possibility of what we should do if that happens.” His upcoming email states that the issue is not just a constitutional crisis but a threat to everything this country stands for. Additionally, Bernie Sanders also wants congressional hearings with local officials heading the hearings regarding their Election plans and days after that. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden also has similar thoughts, just like his friend Bernie Sanders.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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