Senate Leader Schumer to prevent Trump's sign on relief cheques!!

Minority Leader of the Senate Chuck Schumer is all set to bring in a provision that will prevent President Donald Trump from having his name on the emergency relief cheques as a part of the next coronavirus stimulus package. A “No PR Act” will be mandated in the Senate, which will prohibit the use of federal funds towards any promotional material having President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence signatures. The decision to bring in the No PR Act was made after federal cheques were delayed by over a week just to have President Trump’s name on them in the previous stimulus package.

Chuck Schumer issued a statement, which says - “Like he always does, President Trump is considering this pandemic as just another opportunity to promote himself and his political interests at the cost of the nation’s suffering. The No PR Act will put an end to his wild imaginations. It will also stop the President’s exploitation of taxpayer money, which is currently being used for promotional material and benefits only his re-election dream.” The Treasury Department ordered to have Trump’s names on millions of stimulus cheques during the passage of a $2 trillion rescue package in March. The critics argued that Trump is making it look like the money disbursed was solely due to the beneficence of the President. Apart from cheques, Trump also signed letters to all the recipients about their payment. Schumer further added, “delaying the release of relief cheques just to have his signature is an absolute waste of time and money.”

However, there is no precise information on the next coronavirus spending package. Speaker Nancy Pelosi confirmed that CARES 2 relief package is almost done. On the other hand, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that the Senate would implement the next relief package very cautiously. The actual process and implementation will be known on May 4th, as the Senate will return to Washington.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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