Senate Republicans trying to delay the Coronavirus Relief package!!

The United States of America is presently dealing with the worst crisis of all time in history. The US recently crossed the projected 100 thousand deaths and the death toll is still rising constantly. With over 1.7 million coronavirus positive cases, the US is easily the most affected country in the world by a very far margin. For comparison, the second most affected country Brazil has just around 400 thousand cases which are less than one-fourth cases of the US. At a time when the whole of America is looking for financial assistance, Senate Republican leaders are trying to delay the funds to the common man.

The White House approved a $3 trillion financial stimulus last week, but the Republican leaders of the Senate dismissed the aid and are yet to announce any alternative support of their own. This comes at a time when the Senate is planned to leave for a one-week Memorial Day recess without passing the coronavirus stimulus relief to the citizens of the US. With the recess on cards, top Republican leaders like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy doubted the urgency to approve additional funds and also raised concerns about the already existing debt for the country. Speaking to CNN on Tuesday, McConnel said - "I don't see the need for another emergency relief stimulus right now. We will discuss a workaround for the stimulus in the next couple of weeks."

Some Republicans appeared to wait and watch how the previous financial aids are going to help the economy. In a hearing, Senator Pat Toomey said - "Before the Senate rush out and approve another stimulus package, I think we should actually wait and check out how things work out." However, most of the Republican lawmakers seemed to halt any new relief packages even though a lot of workers and businesses are suffering from financial strain. Responding to the issue, former Vice President Joe Biden posted - "We're in the midst of the worst economic crisis in our lifetime, and Senate Republicans continue to delay relief for the American people saying, "I don't see the need right now." Unbelievable. We've got to take back the Senate this November," from his official Twitter handle.

Here's the link to the tweet:

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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