Smugglers are entering America through Trump's Border Wall !!

President Donald Trump has fought the 2016 election with the promise of building the Border Wall and make Mexico pay for it. Although Mexico denied paying a single dollar for the Wall, Trump tried all sorts of manipulations to allot funds for building the Wall. Trump and his administration have diverted funds allocated for other projects to the construction of the Wall. Even after almost four years into his Presidency, his administration is yet to complete the promised Border Wall. The construction has been going on for years now and completed only a portion of it. Even before completing the structure, the Wall is now subjected to new problems. It is reported known that smuggling gangs in Mexico sawed through the newly constructed sections of President Trump's border wall from the past few months.

According to the US agents who are aware of the damage, smugglers have been using commercially available power tools to break into the Wall. The damages to the Wall have been made using cordless household power tools, which are generally seen in hardware stores and cost as little as $100. Fitted with specialized blades, the saws used were able to slice through the barriers of steel of the Wall within minutes. The information was provided by the US agents who spoke in anonymity as they were not authorized to speak publicly about the techniques of breaking the Wall. Engineers consulted by The Washington Post said - "By cutting through the base of a single bollard, smugglers can push the steel out of its way, thereby creating a large gap as bollards are tall, and their length makes it easier to push aside once they are cut and left dangling."

Trump's Wall costs a mammoth $10 billion to the exchequer. President Trump, on multiple occasions, boasted about the construction of the Wall. He called it virtually impenetrable; however, the reality is quite the opposite of his claims. Former Vice President, Joe Biden slammed President Trump and called it only needs $100 to breach Trump-wall.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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