Radio icon Mike Francesa blasts President Trump!!

Every walk of the people is cornering President Trump for his mismanagement in handling the coronavirus pandemic. His slow response has led to the death of over 4000 Americans, along with 188 thousand people getting affected by the virus. In the process, Trump also lost support from his defenders. Mike Francesa is the latest addition to the list of people who criticized Trump for handling coronavirus outbreak. Mike is the longtime icon of New York sports talk radio and is quite popular in his field.

On Monday, Mike blasted President Trump in the same way that he typically does for the Knicks or Mets of the NBA. He accused Trump of not providing enough medical equipment when needed in different parts of the US, where the virus spread killed thousands of people. “Every day at 11 o’clock we are watching one thing happen commonly in our city. We are witnessing people die not in a single-digit, but we are seeing them die by the tens and twenties by the day in the neighborhood. Our firefighters, police, health care workers and other first responders also don’t have enough equipment that’s needed to overcome the public health crisis,” Francesa said.

He further added - “ Don’t just give me the statements that some company is working on the masks when people are dying in large numbers. Get the stuff made quickly, get the stuff where it needs to go and get the boots on the ground. Treat the situation like a crisis.”

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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