Stacey Abrams shows her interest in serving as the VP!!

Stacey Abrams, who was the former House of Representatives of Georgia from 2007 to 2017, said that she would accept an offer to be Joe Biden’s running mate. Stacey also served as the party leader in the Georgia Legislature and party’s nominee for governor. Stacey didn’t shy away from making it a point to the former Vice President as he is in the hunt to find a woman as his running mate for the faceoff against Donald Trump. She added, “a woman of color would help in developing not only the diversity of our country but also the trust.”

Speaking to Chuck Todd on NBC’s Meet the Press program, she replied - “As a young black girl growing up back in Mississippi, I’ve learned that if I don’t speak up for myself, then no one else would do it. So, I’m not shying away from speaking it aloud. As per my mission, I would say, ‘Yes, I would be willing to serve,’” when Todd asked her if she would make the best Vice President for Biden’s administration. Usually, candidates who are in talks for the role of Vice President or, for that matter, any constitutional role would be very reluctant to convey their interest. However, Abrams had no reservations in letting it out. She further continued, “It’s not about the attention I get for being Biden’s running mate. It is about making sure that my qualifications are intact for the role. They are not just speaking to me, but they are speaking to young black women, young women of color, young people of color, who are always subjected to wonder if they too can be seen. What I’m trying to say is to confess the truth directly. But I can totally understand the process, and there is no shortage of qualified candidates in our country.”

Although she lost the gubernatorial election to Republican Brian Kemp very narrowly, Abrams defended herself, “I believe in doing the work. I’ve been working the same way when I started. Even though I didn’t become the governor, I will still continue to work the same even if selected for a role at a national level.” She called on Biden the previous week, asking him to select a woman of color and explaining the advantages of the same. “Of course, I think a woman of color can bring a lot of attributes to the role. The federal government has to uplift the living conditions of marginalized communities; presently these communities don’t trust that they will get the help as they are the most affected by the pandemic.” Democratic presumptive nominee Biden previously pledged that he would select a woman as his running mate. Along with Stacey, other prominent names include Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Kamla Harris of California. “I know that there is a process that will be implemented in selecting the candidate, and Biden will pick the right candidate that he needs,” Stacey concluded.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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