Joe Biden's statement on the latest Unemployment claims in the US!!

Even after months from the initial reports, the coronavirus outbreak is creating havoc across the world, including the United States. Americans suffered from pandemic like no other country. Trump’s administration didn’t take the virus scare seriously when the first case was reported in January. All it was just under four months to wipe out all the goals that have been made since the last decade. The US presently has 1.3 million coronavirus positive cases, along with 77,000 Americans losing their lives. Not only lives, but the economy also took a massive blow with the virus. Stocks went down like there’s no tomorrow. Businesses lost all their profits, which were gained from the last few years, and employees lost their only source of income i.e., their jobs.

On Thursday, several media reports suggested that over 33 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits in the last seven weeks - which is one in every five American workers have lost their employment. There are plenty of families who have only one person as a sole earner. Thirty-three million people losing their jobs only implies that approximately 50 million families are affected by the virus. Responding to the unemployment claims, Biden posted - “President Donald Trump had enough time to take necessary action and save thousands of lives from the worst crisis we have ever had. He should have deployed more number of tests, increasing the medical supplies and briefing citizens about the dangers of the spread this winter. Instead, he opted for the limelight sidetracking the medical and public health experts. He went on to make false promises about the tests, flattening the curve, unnecessary ideas about the cure. At a time, we think about all the things we have lost due to the virus; the most important task presently is to help the fellow Americans who are in need. We need to do it efficiently, equitably, and immediately before the people lose hope.”

Here’s the tweet from Joe Biden:

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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