Biden administration temporarily blocked from removing Title 42 restrictions for migrants

What might come as a temporary setback for the Biden administration, a federal judge in Louisiana, Judge Robert Summerhays, blocked the Biden government from removing COVID border restrictions between the USA and Mexico.

The restriction, called Title 42, was imposed by former President Donald Trump to battle the spread of the pandemic. The regulation allowed border authorities to turn back migrants to their home countries due to the public health crisis. Formulated in March 2020, itle 42 has reportedly seen a usage of 1.7 million times to turn back migrants, some of whom have made multiple attempts to enter the country.

Though criticized by Democrats and Republicans alike, more than 20 US States requested the Court to impose a block on its removal and intervene immediately. The Justice Department, however, opposed this request and did not comment.

In the words of Judge Summerhays, the Court had discussed the Motion for Temporary Restraining Order (ECF Number 24) that the Plaintiffs filed. Based on the reasons mentioned on record, the Court had announced its intention to grant the motion. He also said that the involved parties would discuss the terms to be included in the Temporary Restraining Order and attempt to reach an agreement.


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