As per the report by Infectious Disease experts, Coronavirus testing is a 'mess' in the US!!

When the coronavirus cases are not subsiding in the United States, a report from infectious disease experts raises a lot of eyebrows in the political and public health spectrum. As per the report, the United States is not following an organized procedure of testing and needs perfect coordination to fight the pandemic at the national level. A team from the University of Minnesota said that presently testing is not precise enough to depend solely on it to make the most of the decisions like opening schools or office spaces. "Testing is very, very important and crucial in dealing with such epidemics. But sadly, we're not doing the tests in an organized manner," said Mike Osterholm, who is the head of the university's Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP), which released the report.

The report further accuses that the number of tests completed so far and the numbers reported publicly by different states and the White House gives the information of only one side of the coin. Osterholm continues - "The data available in the public domain is really kind of screwed up. It's because the public health system is overwhelmed." CIDRAP further reported that it has some particular recommendations in conducting the tests to check the status of the patient's infection with the virus. Like testing for disease surveillance, contact tracing, tests for frontline workers such as doctors, nurses, and emergency responders who may have been exposed to the virus. The report also recommends testing all the people with symptoms. "We believe that at this point, expanding the testing greatly for COVID-19 would be a critical element in our fight against the virus."

The report further suggests the Health and Human Services Department to constitute a panel to look after the organized testing. "The constituted panel should have representatives from public health, medicine, and clinical laboratories, legal scholars, market and product support industries, ethicists and elected officials," as per the report.

Dr. Dhillon Randeep

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